Special-shaped bolts with complete styles can be processed

Customize all kinds of special-shaped parts professionally. High-strength ingot wire hot-punched special-shaped bolts and various non-standard special-shaped parts Handan Alliance special-shaped parts manufacturer mainly produces special-shaped bolts and special-shaped nuts hot-punched special-shaped parts turning special-shaped parts plane special-shaped parts for industrial and mining construction machinery, automobile parts, fasteners, connectors and other accessories. Welcome new and old customers to inquire with drawings or samples.

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Non-standard parts are non-standard parts of products. Non-standard parts do not meet the multi-level demand and special development of product production according to the uniform standards and specifications of the industry. Its appearance or performance does not belong to the national equipment product catalogue, and the development cost and cycle time will be correspondingly higher than that of standard parts. We know the parts of machinery, which are classified into standard and non-standard. A standard part means that it has a certain standard definition, but there is no uniform standard for non-standard parts. Non-standard parts processing is to use processing machinery and equipment to grind or cut off the excess parts of those parts, so that the whole non-standard parts look more beautiful, and at the same time, we can make better use of them. What does non-standard parts processing mean? The standard refers to the general principles of general machinery that can be used according to the manufacturing scale specified by the state. On the contrary, the processing of non-standard parts must be carried out in accordance with specific regulations, and which parts are only owned by manufacturers themselves. The processing of non-standard parts is the biggest advantage of customized processing. Non-standard parts processing is a manufacturing process, which includes a group of non-standard parts forming operations by removing materials (by removing chips or by wearing) through CNC lathes and other processing machinery. The processing of non-standard parts requires the use of special industrial machinery specially used for the processing of non-standard parts, so as to process and transform the shape and size of non-standard parts. The processing methods of non-standard parts will adopt two different processing methods according to the types and properties of objects. All metal non-standard parts (except castings) have experienced at least one metal forming operation at some stage in their manufacturing process, and often need to perform many different operations. Metal forming theory can help to determine how to use machine tools in a more effective way and improve productivity.

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